"Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts."

Thích Nhất Hạnh


Just Breathe Yoga opened its doors in May 2019 to create a community where we practice Yoga and wellness therapy, cultivating a connection to one another, ourselves, and beyond. We offer a comprehensive approach to Yoga that strengthens the body, liberates the mind, and awakens the spirit providing a more holistic Yoga experience.

Join us to breathe as you dedicate time to find balance within yourself.


What Just Breathe Has For You

Classes offered daily in-person or zoom to meet your scheduling needs.

Accommodating all levels in every class.

Enjoy special classes and workshops throughout the year. Stay in touch and sign up for our Newsletter to be notified of upcoming classes and events!

Help deepen your mindfulness practice with a mediation class.


Discover a supportive environment for beginners through experienced practitioners.



Yoga for me is clarity of thinking, to calm down the central nervous system and strengthen myself mentally and physically.

Marcia has worked hard during this pandemic to keep the yoga studio open and safe. She has maintained all the state guidelines during this ever changing year. I truly appreciate her hard work and dedication to her staff and all who enter into this beautiful yoga studio. It has been a joy to have some normalcy during a time of social isolation.

Marcia, thank you and blessed are the flexible for they won’t be easily broken. 

-Kathleen G



The teachers at Just Breathe understand the importance of community and the value of connecting with one another.  They are professional Yoga teachers committed to providing a nurturing, safe and fun atmosphere so you can explore your Yoga practice and connect with a group of like-minded beings, with a common or similar vision.

Marcia Araujo, Founder

Marcia started her journey in this very studio over 10 years ago.  She received her 200-CYT in 2017 with Diane Kovanda of Kind Yoga.

She continued her education with Kind Yoga and has graduated with her 500-E-RYT.

Marcia's approach to yoga is kind and gentle and offers some heat with flowing sequences and attention to alignments. Over the past years she has found yoga to be the most powerful way to develop and maintain physical awareness of the body.   Students of all levels are honored and encouraged to move at their own perfect pace.


Marcia loves to cycle, ski, run, hike and loves how yoga compliments it all. She enjoys walking on the beach collecting sea glass and remembering to just be present in the moment.

Susan Andersen

Sue is a 500-RYT and holds Yin certification and additional training in Trauma-Informed Yoga. She began her practice 8 years ago and has found balance and peace as a student and joy as a teacher.     


Meditation, mindfulness, and breath work are the foundational elements that connect the physical to the spiritual practice and are key to her teaching style.  


Whether it’s guiding a vinyasa, yin, or a gentle yoga class, her goal is to help students find their own practice and enjoy all the benefits yoga brings.  

Julia Klubuk Araujo

Julia is a 500-CYT, Mindfulness and Meditation teacher,  Reiki practitioner. Born and raised in Ukraine, Julia believes that yoga is a way of life that begins off of the mat. She completed her 200-hour teacher training with Diane Kovanda at Kind Yoga school in January 2017 and recently finished her 500- hour certification  


Constantly looking to deepen her practice and extend her education, Julia enjoys exploring all different types of yoga.  It is her hope that those who attend her classes will feel the peace, love, and light that is shining within them.    Julia has a passion for cycling  and feels extremely grateful for the beauty of Cape Cod to live and grow here.  She also enjoys snowboarding, hiking in the woods and walking on the beach.

Jamie Lawton

Jamie received her 200-CYT from Diane Kovanda of Kind Yoga. She is currently working toward her 500-CYT.

Jamie enjoys teaching a calm power yoga. She wants all students to leave feeling refreshed, and connected with the mind body.

Jamie lives locally on Cape Cod and spends her free time creating art pieces, sailing and expanding her knowledge of yoga and its endless benefits. She wants to send a ripple of kindness and love out to the community around her.

Chris Roscoe

Chris has been practicing Yoga for more than 20 years and Qi Gong for more than 10. She was certified in Pennsylvania. When she moved to Cape Cod, she was mentored in both modalities by 2 master teachers. She loves bringing Yoga into nature with the sounds of the surf and the birds, the feel of soft sand, and the touch of the warm sun.

She combines both Yoga and QiGong in her classes. These 2 powerful and ancient practices complement each other and are joined in a routine that helps one live a healthier and fulfilled life in the modern world. She experienced their healing power when she lost her husband unexpectedly in 2018. She credits her practice with helping her come through the darkness with grace and strength.In addition to teaching Yoga, Chris teaches Spanish at a private school on the Cape. She is also an avid traveler, reader, cook, and meditator.

Sydnie Lopolito

Sydnie is a 200-CYT. She takes a lighthearted, inclusive, imperfect approach with a special focus on balancing the body’s natural energies. Her teaching style caters to all body types, skill levels, spiritual beliefs, financial situations, and geographical locations. Sydnie believes that yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are for everyone — especially those trying to find themselves. She aims to help people who are experiencing some sort of disconnect achieve clarity so that they feel whole again.

Sydnie received her training from Yoga Farm Ithaca, a Yoga Alliance certified non-profit organization; her meditation teacher certification from The Priority Academy; and her mindfulness studies certification from Cape Cod Community College. She also holds a yin yoga teacher certification from Yoga Farm Ithaca.

Kelli Jacobson

Kelli is a 200 hour RYT and Reiki practitioner. She completed her 200 hour yoga certification with Diane Kovanda at Kind Yoga school in February of 2019. Also, she is currently studying for her 500 hour certification at Kind Yoga School.

Kelli considers yoga a lifelong path and embraces its transformational and miraculous results on and off the mat. She spends most of her free time studying the many aspects of yoga. Learning is a great passion of hers.

Her teaching is inspired by her love for yoga, compassion, mindfulness, and kindness towards all living beings.

Kelli strives to continually grow and evolve as both a student and a teacher.


Jessica Cushing

Jessica has been involved in holistic health for 25 years, since earning her BS in exercise physiology. She is also certified as both an early childhood educator in MA and a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has worked with all levels of individuals ranging from athletes to children to cardiac rehab patients.


Her personal journey with yoga, initially an on and off relationship, became clarified over 10 years ago when she began a daily practice during a time of stress and grief. The balancing mind-body connection yoga brought into her busy life is what lead her to her 200 hour Yoga Alliance training. While guiding students in yoga, she hopes a sense of balance and peace resonates into their practice and lives.

Pornipa (Song) Sutthimaitree

Song Sutthimaitree developed her meditation practice after years of study with a Thai monk, which in turn led her to yoga. In 1999, she took yoga teacher training because she wants to deepened her yoga practice. When she finished her yoga teacher training, she started teaching yoga. Song also is Thai massage practitioner and she believes that all of these ancient healing modalities share many common attributes to help one obtain more flexibility, muscle relaxation, strengthened immunity and ultimately, serenity.


Song considers this work to be her spiritual practice, incorporating the Buddhist principles of mindful breathing and kind compassion for both therapist and client. She integrates each of these modalities into a unique healing practice based on her culture's rich tradition of bodywork and movement.

Joyce Lawton

Joyce graduated in February 2020 with her 200-CYT from Kind Yoga. She is currently working towards her 500-CYT. She lives with her family and is a native of Cape Cod.

Joyce discovered yoga through her youngest daughter in 2018 and knew immediately that she wanted to teach.

During her teacher training she realized how much more there was to yoga than just postures. Yoga has been transforming for her and she has realized its only just begun. Sharing her journey through her practice is exciting. When she's not teaching yoga she is writing, walking her two dogs and spending time with her four daughters and husband.

Joyce’s classes emphasize on breath work and mindfull moving through the practice. She welcomes all levels in her class.


Jeanne Burgess

Jeanne Reilly Burgess is a global environmental consultant and mother of three. Since her twenties, Jeanne believed that most people could be happier - and came to believe we are mostly in our own way.

Over many years of study and training, she turned her connection with Universal energies and with other people to help them experience more joy on a more consistent basis. Pulling from her training in life coaching, shamanism, mindfulness and mindful leadership, meditation, yoga, crystal healing, reiki, root cause investigation, and integrated energy technique, Jeanne likes to get to the root of a problem and change it up. This usually occurs through some form of clearing, connecting, and creating a new.

Her belief system is very open and easily co-exists with other belief systems. In Jeanne’s work, you will be met with a deep respect for all life journeys and a general reverence of and reveling in the experience of life.